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Rick has been inspired and assisted by a number of people and companies over the years. The list of companies and products below represent Rick's personal opinion of great companies and products, but does not constitute an official endorsement, relationship or applied guarantee (and they didn't pay us to say nice things about them).


Bayou Pigeon, LA. Spirit of the Atchafalaya 

"If you are interested in the history of Bayou Pigeon, this book has it all. It's a very accurate account of how this small town came about and the lives of the people that lived there through the years." --Rick Phillips

It is a collectible history/non-fiction hardcover (coffee-table style) book. It comes in a simulated alligator skin cover binded to ASTM library standards.

  • 700 pages, 38 chapters, 100,000 words, 1000 pictures, vintage maps and charts
  • 2000-noun index to easily find information
  • Detailed bibliography listing the books, magazines, and internet sources used in carrying out the research

Graphic design and printing services performed locally in the State of Louisiana.

Get yours today at WWW.BAYOUPIGEON.COM

Bronze Medal Winner:
Independent Publisher Book Awards 2012


Pro-Drive Outboards LLC

"Working with KP and the Pro Drive team was a pleasure and I recommend this company if your looking for a surface drive air cooled outboard. I have one and I love it!" --Rick Phillips


P.O. Box 949

2702 Lake Dauterive Road

Loreauville, LA 70552

Phone: 337-229-0034


Clay Coleman Photography

"Clay Coleman is a amazing and very talented photographer and a great addition to the Bayou Pigeon community. He has a way of capturing the natural beauty of our area like I've never seen before. We are lucky to have him." --Rick Phillips


Bayou Pigeon Area Wildlife Photography

Clay's Bayou Pigeon Camp "Shack In The Mud"